Cheers! Here’s to an absolutely novel way to elevate your evening - or any time of day – without the familiar harkening of the clatter of your change purse. 

Think about everyone you know – your family and friends – is there anyone who could use some extra money? Maybe they have bills to pay, or gifts to buy, or a great pair of heels they’re saving up for. One party and a few hundred dollars could make a huge difference in some lives.

Spread the word from the rooftops, and even tell your husband about this one. Can you imagine the look on his face when you tell him that your party netted a profit? How gratifying is that! 

Legaci parties are not “just another sales party.”

And your guests aren’t squeezed into impulse purchases that they’ll quickly regret. That’s because Legaci parties don’t sell you anything. Rather, they pay you for precious metals you don’t want anymore. 

Host a Party


Imagine that. You and your guests get money for things you want or need, and paid for the stuff you DON’T want. 

A Legaci party can take shape as a lively and campy happy hour, an informal open house, or any format in between. It’s your Legaci, party how you want to! 

It’s entertaining, it’s effortless, and it pays everyone to have a party.